Cake by Lauren Dane

Title: Cake

Author: Lauren Dane

Genre: Contemporary, Red-Hot

She won’t be satisfied with just one bite…

Art student-slash-bike messenger Wren Davis pursues what she wants. And what she wants now is Gregori Ivanov, rock star of the Seattle art scene. With his tattoos, piercings and sensual sneer, Gregori is the ultimate bad boy. Wren’s gotten to know the man beneath the body art, too—and it only makes her crave him more.

But Gregori loves women like he loves cake and champagne—intensely, but only for the moment. And after Wren experiences just how scorching sex with Gregori is, she’s determined to show him that just one taste won’t be enough.

Thoughts: I’m a Lauren Dane junkie I admit it. There have been very few books of hers that I haven’t loved. So when she announced that the hero of this book was an artist I knew I was going to love it. You see many seasons ago I majored in art history and I find artists extremely sexy. Especially Russian artist, though this could be because one of the first romance books I read was Luring the Lady by Nora Roberts and her hero is a Ukranian artist.

Gregori has become one of my favorite of Lauren’s heroes. He’s sexy and moody and temperamental, and um did I mention sexy?

Wren is a heroine who knows what she wants and is not afraid to go after it. Once Gregori changes the dynamics of their relationship she has to make a decision.

I loved every word of this book. The sexual tension and dance that Gregori and Wren go through was off the charts hot. Add in they are both very confident in who they are and what they want, just made it better. I read this book in one sitting and then went back and read it again.

If you’re a fan of Lauren’s then you won’t want to miss this book.

Grade A

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