Getting Wild

Getting Wild - Sarah Barrie Title: Getting Wild

Series: N/A

Author: Sarah Barrie

Genre: Romance/Women's Fiction

Blurb: When Ella Jameson steps into a room, people scramble to attention. She's ruthless, terrifying, and untouchable -- and very, very successful as Editor-in-Chief of Australia's top travel magazine.

Then Ryan Edwards, adventure traveller, walks into her office with an unexpected job proposal, and Ella just knows he's going to be trouble. As far as she's concerned, the man's a self-indulgent, kamikaze, adrenaline-junkie with an authority complex -- and he's also infuriatingly sexy! The idea of them working together is ludicrous, but the opportunity to co-host a new travel show is just too good to refuse.

As she is swept from her world of inner-city glamour into a nightmare of camping, crocodiles, and outback adventures, Ella's feelings for Ryan begin to heat up, and her walls start to come down. In the tropical beauty of Australia's Top End, it's not just the weather that's going to sizzle...

Thoughts: Getting Wild is a sweet romantic story with a bit of adventure thrown in. If you're looking for an in-depth, complex storyline, it might not be quite up your alley. The book is far more focused on the characters and their interactions with each other. Is that a problem in this case? For me, it was a resounding 'No'! It worked perfectly when it came to this book. It was all about the characters. And with two such likeable ones, it was a hard book to put down.

Ella seems to have it all - she's a successful business woman, very cool and collected, never lets anything ruffle her feathers. Except for Ryan - from the word go, he gets under her skin and she can't seem to shake him from her thoughts. When it comes to their characters, Ryan is the exact opposite - he's a grab life by the balls, adventure junkie, who goes after what he wants no holds barred. And what he wants is Ella.

The author does a wonderful job making Ella strong, yet vulnerable - not to mention having Ryan say just the right things to win her over, yet still able to hold his own against Ella and come out on top. I just loved the witty banter between these made for some fun reading! The secondary characters were great as well and they weren't just there to be there - they actually contributed to the storyline, and in many cases provided some much needed insight, support, or just comic relief.

This was such a sweet and endearing read, yet so engaging you don't want to put it down. Definitely recommended!

Rate: A
Review by: Sarah