Famously Engaged

Famously Engaged - Robyn  Thomas Title: Famously Engaged

Series: N/A

Author: Robyn Thomas

Genre: Romance

Blurb: A chef and a rock star. They couldn’t be from more different worlds…

Rock star royalty’s favorite son, Jake Olsen, couldn’t help but interfere after listening to his future brother-in-law talk non-stop about his ex-wife, Beth Carlisle. Jake decides that the only way to get the groom’s mind off his ex-wife is to give her a fake fiancé.

Before Jake can convince Beth of his plan, he's forced to move in with her to avoid the paparazzi. Their instant attraction makes for a sizzling "first date", but soon Jake’s fame gets in the way and Beth wants out. Too bad Jake's figured out just why her ex is so obsessed with her, and he's afraid he's not going to be able to give her up either.

Now it's up to Jake to convince this chef together they make the perfect recipe.

Thoughts: Okay, to start off with I had a really rough time finishing up this book. The plot is just wild, with too much going on and a lot of it totally unbelievable. Jake's half-sister Skyla is getting married Brad - but Jake gets tired of hearing about how much Brad talks about his ex-wife, Beth. So he decides to get involved in this whole cluster of drama so he can support his half-sister - who by the way does not even realize that Jake is her half-brother. She just thinks he's her boss. It's further amassed in craziness, since Beth is still Brad's best friend and Skyla's maid of honor! And somehow Jake manages to convince Beth that he needs to move in with her temporarily - and she just buys into all the excuses he feeds her. The whole situation was just a bit too over-the-top and implausible.

And the characters were just not likeable at all. Jake is just so arrogant, condescending, and holier than thou - he even describes himself in terms that are just totally obnoxious. His character is my main criticism of the book. And Beth is pretty much a doormat. Even though the author tries to give her moments where she has spirit and a trace of a backbone, the fact is she still let's her ex have his way when it comes to constantly checking in with her and acting as if they are still best friends. She allows herself to become a bridesmaid in his wedding to his new wife, allows Jake to steamroll right over her, and just in general just goes along with whatever other people say. And that's just the main characters - I won't even get into the secondary ones!

And the reactions when everyone discovered all the different secrets going on just didn't seem sincere or accurate. But for me, even if the plot alone hadn't been so implausible, Jake himself would have done it for me. Hard to read about a "Rock God" who has such a high opinion of himself that he deems everyone else as unimportant. It was hard to connect with a character so unlikable.

Grade: D
Review By: Sarah