Forsaken by the Others (H&W Investigations, #5)

Forsaken by the Others (H&W Investigations, #5) - Jess Haines Title: Foresaken By The Others

Series: H&W Investigations Book #5

Author: Jess Haines

Genre: Romance/Sci-Fi Fantasy

Blurb: The Others–vampires, werewolves, things that go chomp in the night–don’t just live in nightmares anymore. They’ve joined with he mortal world. And for private investigator Shiarra Waynest, that means mayhem…

Have a one night stand with a vampire, and you can end up paying for it for eternity. P.I. Shiarra Waynest, an expert on the Others, knows that better than most. Yet here she is, waking up beside charismatic vamp Alec Royce with an aching head…and neck. Luckily, Shia has the perfect excuse for getting out of town–namely, a couple of irate East Coast werewolf packs who’d like to turn her into a chew toy.

On Royce’s suggestion, Shia temporarily relocates to Los Angeles. But something is rotten–literally–in the state of California, where local vampires are being attacked by zombies. Who could be powerful enough to control them–and reckless enough to target the immortal? Following the trail will lead Shia to a terrifying truth, and to an ancient enemy with a personal grudge…

Thoughts: Okay, I'm going to start off by saying I don't really feel comfortable giving a grade for this book. I don't think it would be fair to people who are already a fan of the series, or to the author herself. I will leave a few of my thoughts on the book though.

The blurb for this book sounded great - so much so that I selected off of Netgalley to read based on that alone in return for an honest review. Having never read the author before, I was unaware that this was book 5 in a series - which normally would not be an issue, as books are generally connecting yet also stand-alone. Let me warn you - that is not the case with this book. You do not want to try to read this book, without reading previous ones - hence my reluctance to leave a 'grade'. I didn't make it very far in the book at all before that became fairly obvious. I managed to struggle through it, even though I had no clue what was going on. Once I discovered that it was book 5 in a series - and that apparently this book picks up right where number 4 left off - I realized why. Although I will say that fact wasn't mentioned (even on the blurb on Amazon), and I think readers should be aware of this before picking up the book. (It was mentioned in other people's reviews on Amazon, but I usually do not read those reviews until AFTER I complete my own so that I can give my own honest reviews and opinions)

With that said, I will mention that the book seemed like something I could really get into and enjoy - if I had the proper back history. The writing style was great, the author manages to grasp your attention immediately, and the characters were enjoyable. I will eventually go back and start with book one and see what my thoughts are then. It should be interesting. I will keep you updated...:)

But at this point - the bottom line is - don't start with this one if you're not already a fan of the series. If it sounds interesting to you -like it did for me - start from the beginning.

Rate: N/A
Review by: Sarah