Undying Destiny (The Enclave, #1)

Undying Destiny (The Enclave, #1) - Jessica Lee Title: Undying Destiny

Series: A Novel of The Enclave

Author: Jessica Lee

Genre: Romance, Sci-Fi, Fantasy

Blurb: Kenric St. James is out for revenge. Over 300 years ago, an ancient female vampire turned him against his will and killed the woman he loved. He’s spent more than a century building an Enclave of warrior vampires who have sworn to defend humanity against his evil sire and her minions. But when Kenric finds a woman he finally burns to claim as his own again, Kenric knows loving her means giving his sire another target.

Emily Ross just wanted a fresh start. She’s a survivor, coming off the tail end of an abusive relationship, and craves time alone to learn who she is and to save the home that holds her heart. The last thing she needed was a controlling, alpha male calling all the shots.

Meeting Kenric might just have changed her mind, though. He is wrong for her in all the right ways. But in order to keep her heart from breaking, he first has to keep the hordes of evil vamps from stealing her very breath.

Thoughts: I had never read anything by this author before, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised! Her writing style is oddly reminiscent of J.R Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood series and Lara Adrain's Midnight Breed series - both of which are favorite authors of mine. Both Kenric and Emily were amazing, and the sparks flying between them were so vibrant - it's a wonder my Kindle didn't short circuit from all the heat they generate between the pages!

Kenric was everything an Alpha male is meant to be: strong, sexy, honorable, and willing to do anything for the woman who steals his heart. (To bad it isn't me!...LOL) Emily was so courageous and independent, and yet vulnerable. There were a few moments when you are left thinking, "What in the hell is she doing?", but overall she was a great female character. His nemisis and maker, Marguarite, could have been a bit more original. And oddly enough, Marguarite reminded me of Glory from the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer - which made her a bit more bearable. Even though Glory was ditzy and shrieky, she was also tough as nails. I loved the new vampire society that the author managed to weave, and I really hope she branches out from the supporting characters and gives them all their own books! In the meantime, I will exploring the other books available by this author.

Rate: A

Review by: Sarah