Feel the Burn (BirthRight Trilogy, #3)

Feel the Burn (BirthRight Trilogy, #3) - Nicole MacDonald Review By: Sarah

Title: Feel The Burn

Series: BirthRight Trilogy Book #3

Author: Nicole MacDonald

Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Blurb: The battle to save Gar'nyse is upon them and already the costs are insurmountable.
With no other option but to knowingly sail into a trap, the girls, the Griffon Guard, and the gathered forces set forth to reach the castle and destroy Jenviet. However the loss of Alek means the task sits fully on the four girls' shoulders and with only one of them at their full Elemental abilities, the risk of death, or worse-- failure--is high. Now with nothing to lose, Catherine refuses to link with the other girls, hoping that she alone will be able to take Jenviet. But the malevolent Sorceress of Vo'Arum has other plans...

Thoughts: This book is a continuation of the BirthRight triology, and it is important that they are read in order to have the best reading experience with this series. MacDonald exposes us to such an intricate new world, that it's important to get all the background on the world, the characters, the emotions, etc. This book begins where book two left off, with the capture of Alek and the emergence of Cat's full Elemental form - and I must admit after reading the first two books in this series, I was excited to begin this one!

Once again, MacDonald has managed to pleasantly surprise me with her creativity when it comes to the detail she manages to embody the story with. We are presented with even more new creatures within this strange new world, and MacDonald has a real talent for making them interesting and believable. You really get caught up in the story and sometimes even find yourself gasping out loud at the events that ensue! This final installment is packed with action and intrigue - with deception and battle - and not everyone will make it out alive! In fact I found myself on numerous occasions crossing my fingers that certain characters somehow would still manage to come back from the brink of death!

The author also managed to capture Cat's unspeakable grief at the loss of Alek. When he is captured, her grief is simply heart wrenching. I was quick to finish this book, because I was simply dying to get the end and see what happens! Which brings me to my only real critique of the book - After the end of book two, I was probably too wound up to find out Alek's fate and the result of their battle, that for me there seemed to be a lull in the somewhere in the middle of the book. From the beginning, we are caught up in Cat's grief - but the journey from there until Jenviet's castle seemed a bit long winded and stale (at times). However, between Ignatius plots to weasel himself next to Cat - and therefore the crown -and Leseach's burgeoning romance, it is certainly enough to keep your interest. However, if you're like me and simply dying to know about Alek - you simply want them to hurry up and get there already!

The switching between the different characters and their viewpoints are still present in this book, however I found it much less noticeable and distracting compared to the first book.

Overall, I thought this book was an excellent conclusion to a fascinating trilogy. Fans of the first two books will be captivated!

Rate: A