Awakening (BirthRight Trilogy, #2)

Awakening (BirthRight Trilogy, #2) - Nicole MacDonald,  Keary Taylor Review By: Sarah

Title: The Awakening

Series: BirthRight Trilogy Book #2

Author: Nicole MacDonald

Genre: SciFi/Fantasy

Blurb: Be careful what you wish for...
A seemingly innocuous love spell caused Catherine, Sian, Laura, and Kassandra to cross worlds in search of their soul mates. But more than love drew them to Gar'nyse. Truths are revealed and lives forever altered after an attack at the castle. An age old feud between two archaic families threatens to tear the world they've arrived in apart. As the ultimate weapons in such a war the four girls are the only hope for peace.
But one of them lies unconscious from the attack, and the destiny that awaits her when she wakes will change everything.

Thoughts: In this next installment of the BirthRight Trilogy, I must say that the author has definitely started of the book with a bang! The story immediately caught my attention in a big way - major secrets and events are revealed that really snag your attention and keep you utterly captivated throughout. For those of you have already read Book #1, The Arrival, you are in for an adventure with this one! I didn't think the world itself could get any better, but MacDonald surprised me with the introduction to the 'Northerner' Leseach, stafandral dragon Sito, more insight into the centaurs, along with more species that I have never even heard of. The world becomes even more vibrant and realistic in this second installment!

If you are new to the series, you are bound to fall in love with this book! However, I do advise that you read the first one before you begin this one. You really need the background from the first one since it is so important to the overall storyline - and it would be really confusing without it! Not only do you get the whole background, but you are introduced to the world and the characters in the first one that is really essential to getting the full impact of this story. While the first one was not as captivating for me as this one, trust me it's worth a read just to obtain a full understanding of the whole series.

My only critique with this one - as with the first one - is the changes of the point of view in the book. However, coming into this second installment, I really felt that the transitions between these points of view were much smoother in this second novel - and not nearly as distracting to the overall book. Now, whether that is because I came into the book after the first one with a better knowledge of MacDonald's writing, or because MacDonald made an attempt to ease these transitions for the reader, or simply because the story was so spellbinding I couldn't quite turn the pages fast enough, I really can't say! What I can say is that this is a book not to be missed!

While the book is a trilogy, and it is necessary to finish off with a cliffhanger, MacDonald managed to strike the perfect balance with this one - leaving me wanting more! I didn't feel like I was simply dumped off in the middle of sentence or something with this one as I did in the first. I am anxious to read the continuation and see where the author takes us in the next step of this fascinating journey. A definite must read must. Can't wait to read the final installment!

Book #3 from the BirthRight trilogy, Feel The Burn, is out now!

Rate: A