Come Undone (The Cityscape Series, #1)

Come Undone (The Cityscape Series, #1) - Jessica Hawkins Review By: Sarah

Title: Come Undone

Series: The Cityscape Series Book One

Author: Jessica Hawkins

Genre: Literature/Fiction (Adult), Romance

Blurb: Olivia Germaine has already found love. Devoted wife, loyal friend, determined career woman - she’s created the life she always envisioned.
But when Olivia locks eyes with a handsome stranger across a crowded room, he peers a little too closely and sees emotions she thought she’d buried long ago.
David Dylan, alleged playboy and eternal bachelor, challenges Olivia to confront the life she’s built and to make decisions that could either lead to happiness . . . or regret.
Will Olivia be able to draw the line between lust and love?
And can David respect that line?

Thoughts: From the outside, it appears that Olivia Germaine has the ideal life: a good marriage, great friends, a challenging career, and a life she loves right in the midst of Chicago. But there are certain things she has resigned herself to in her life - with explosive sexual chemistry being one of them - or the lack thereof in her marriage. She's resigned herself to the idea that it is a fault of hers - and hers alone - and that she is simply incapable of having such feelings. So when she's face with a sexy stranger who manages to hit all the right buttons, can she resist the temptation to have an affair outside her marriage?

David, however, has somewhat of a reputation as a womanizer. But he usually draws the line at sleeping with married women. Unfortunately, there is something about Olivia that he just can't resist. Can he hold out against their explosive chemistry?

My first word regarding this book is simply - wow! I can't ever remember reading a book quite like this one before. Sure, we have all read a storyline that is somewhat reminiscent of the general idea behind this book, but the way the author strings this story out is amazing and outside the norm for this type of book. The author really manages to make you feel the temptation that both of the characters feel towards each other, how they struggle against their attraction, and the guilt that they feel because of it. It definitely pushes some boundaries. I have read either tame versions of similar storylines, or those on the complete opposite end of the spectrum that are more erotic, but nothing like this! This book really captures the build-up of sexual attraction and emotion that happens before hitting the extra-marital sex. And all the characters are in the book - we don't just have a shadowy, one-dimensional husband that you can pretend doesn't exist. The author really manages to bring into the book - and into the situation the characters faces herself with.

One problem I see right away with this book, is that certain individuals might have moral issues with it. If you have problems reading about people who are tempted outside of their marriage vows, this book is definitely not for you. I found the book to be a bit slow to get started, and I was actually beginning to wonder if this book was going to be one that I just wanted to call it quits on. But I'm so glad I didn't! Once things start picking up, you can't put it down! I actually found myself When it starts building up to the end scene - I have to say, this will be one of the most memorable scenes I have ever read, not to mention hot as....well, Hades....LOL And it ends on a major cliffhanger - one that had me searching frantically online for the next installment! This book is a real must read!

The next book, Come Alive, is out now.

Rate: A+

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