Lying in Your Arms - Leslie Kelly Title: Lying In Your Arms

Series: Santori Family Book 2

Author: Leslie Kelly

Genre: Romance

Blurb: Only a firefighter can handle this blaze…

Madison Reid's engagement is a sham. Her movie-star fiancé is actually her childhood friend…who's gay. When he decides he can't keep living a lie, Madison ends things by leaking a salacious story about a hot—if fictional—affair. Now surrounded by swarms of news-hungry paparazzi, Madison escapes to the beauty of Costa Rica until things cool down….

Firefighter Leo Santori is on his honeymoon. Alone. Still torn up about losing his fiancée to another guy, Leo isn't expecting anything from Costa Rica. That is, until Madison steps into his world, rocks it and then lights it on fire. The heat between them is undeniable—and irresistible. But when Madison's scandalous past catches up with them, will it extinguish the flames…or will they both end up burned?

Thoughts: Madison is a sweet, loyal friend who sacrifices herself and her own reputation for that of her friend. Having no one special of her own, she sees no problem posing as her gay friend Tommy's fiancé and live-in lover. But when the news hits the media, Madison has no choice but to flee - after all, Tommy is the ideal Hollywood image of male perfection, so she gets cast as the bad guy in their breakup! And isn't that the perfect timing to meet Mr. Right?

And Leo is that....not only is he handsome, sweet, and sexy, but he's a firefighter....and the perfect man to rescue Madison from herself. Well, that...and snakes...LOL

This book is everything a Harlequin Blaze should be - creative, passionate, fun, and sexy! There are instant sparks between Madison and Leo and I enjoyed how their story unfolded. I particularly liked how the author didn't have Leo come straight from his wedding-that-didn't-happen and into an affair with Madison. There was a six month gap between his breakup with his previous fiancé and his "honeymoon". It was fun, descriptive, and engaging, leaving you with the distinct longing to go on vacation afterwards!

If you're in the mood for beach resorts, skinny-dipping in the pool, and the chance that you might find a hot, sexy, naked fireman in your will definitely want to pick this one up!

Rate: B
Review by: Sarah