She's All In - Cathryn Cade Title: She’s All In

Series: Club 3, Book 1

Author: Cathryn Cade

Genre: Erotic Romance

Blurb: For her sexy Dom, she’ll open up…but only love will take her all the way.

When Daisy joins Big Iron Fitness, it’s to get fit and more comfortable in her skin. But what really makes her sweat is gym owner Dack Humboldt. Watching him pump iron sets off an endorphin rush that has nothing to do with exercise.

Dack isn’t looking for love, and doesn’t usually waste time on vanilla even when it’s packaged in a bombshell blonde. Until he hears Daisy’s been asking questions about the goings-on at his private sex club. He’ll be happy to show her the ropes…on his terms.

Daisy gathers the moxie to ask Dack out on a date, and gets an offer she can’t refuse. The chance to explore some of her most private fantasies and move beyond her fears about her body.

As Dack leads Daisy by the thong into the Dom/sub world, she feels as if she’s finally in her element…until Dack issues a command that brings her up hard against her last emotional barrier. And Dack must decide how far he’ll go to bring his bombshell back into his arms.

Warning: Body builders showing off their physiques, blondes looking to have more fun, and members of a private club sharing more than conversation.

Thoughts: This novel was scorching hot!! I mean so hot that it’s a miracle my kindle survived without any scorch marks! The chemistry between Daisy and Dax was amazing, yet they still managed to have a soft sweet side that was really appealing. The author really managed to capture Daisy’s insecurities about her body after her battle with breast cancer, and maintain a great balance with it. She managed to provide a positive message in it, and really add a an extra something to the novel that puts it miles ahead of the rest.

Most of the BDSM/dom-sub books usually have alot of sex and not much real substance to them. While I don’t have a problem with it, I do prefer a novel that has a good balance between the two. And this book really manages to pull that off. Dax, while he is a “master dom”, also has a caring, sweet side to him that I loved to see peek out occasionally. Any man that is super stud material that is willing to have a “date” at a breast cancer walk-a-thon, wear a pink breast cancer awareness shirt, AND set up a fundraiser at his sex club for the cause as well -having all these people into “kink” wear pink lingerie – is so surprisingly romantic and amazing. Not to mention creative by the author. I loved it!

This book is exactly what I like to see from the more daring reads – erotic with real substance! I will definitely be keeping an eye out for the rest of the books in this series! As well as exploring more by this amazing author!

Rate: A
Review by: Sarah
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