Silver Mine - Vivian Arend Title: Silver Mine

Series: Takhini Wolves bk 2

Author: Vivian Arend

Genre: Paranormal

Life in isolation is the safest place for Chase Johnson, a crossbreed who doesn't know which form he'll assume next-cougar or wolf. Once a year, his unelected position as spokesman for the Yukon outcasts forces him to visit civilization. This time he runs across someone unexpected. She's not his mate, but she pushes all the right buttons.

It's taken years for Shelley Bradley to gather the courage to return to her home pack. In spite of being the lowest of the low-a shifter who can't shift-she's determined to make a place for herself as the Whitehorse locals' new vet-slash-doctor.

There's definite electricity between her and Chase, but sex with fellow shifters and the inherent mind games got old a long time ago. Ignoring him seems best. When he shows up at her office with a wound that won't heal, she's stuck-yet drawn to solve this medical mystery.

As they journey deep into outcast territory in search of answers, their powerful sexual attraction crumbles her resistance. But time is of the essence. If a cure can't be found before his human and cougar succumb to his injury, he-and others like him-will die.

Warning: Contains a silver-tongued, hairy-chested, lean-muscled Alpha who's got what it takes to lead in the wilderness and in the bedroom. Yeah, I know...not really much of a deterrent, is it? Throw in continuing territorial wars and a domestic cat. Stir and enjoy the chaos.

If you have never read a Vivian Arend you need to correct this immediately. Her books are full of interesting characters and a plot that makes perfect sense for them.

This is one series I do have to say that you do need to read the first book Black Gold to understand a huge portion of what is going on with Shelly's sister Caroline.

I have to admit there was absolutely nothing about this book I didn't like. From the first page to the last I was completely engaged and couldn't put the book down.

The story of Chase and Shelly is full of interesting characters, Frank a bear, Denton a cat, and Jones a wolf to name a few.

From the moment Chase and Shelly see each other the sexual tension between them is so hot it almost set my kindle on fire. When Shelly FINALLY gives into the attraction between her and Chase all I can say is beware because it's HOT!!

I wasn't sure how Viv was going to make a relationship between Chase, a loner who lives in the middle of nowhere Yukon and Shelly a vet who lives in town, but I should have trusted that she would come up with a way to make it work.

I love the scenes between Evan and Caroline. Evan is the Alpha of the Takhini pack and Caroline is Shelly's sister but also Evan's personal assistant and lover. I'm really hoping she keeps them together as they are such an interesting couple.

If you like unique and fun shifter stories then you need to read this series because it is so unique and fun. It's definitely one of my favorites!

Grade A+
Review by: Heather