Wrong Side of Dead - Kelly Meding Title: Wrong side of Dead

Series: Dreg City bk 4

Author: Kelly Meding

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Monster hunter Evangeline Stone woke up on the wrong side of dead this morning—and now there’s hell to pay.

Barely recovered from her extended torture at the hands of mad scientist Walter Thackery, Evy can use a break. What she gets instead is a war, as the battered Triads that keep Dreg City safe find themselves under attack by half-Blood vampires who have somehow retained their reason, making them twice as lethal. Worse, the Halfies are joined by a breed of were-creature long believed extinct—back and more dangerous than ever. Meanwhile, Evy’s attempts at reconciliation with the man she loves take a hit after Wyatt is viciously assaulted—an attack traced to Thackery, who has not given up his quest to exterminate all vampires . . . even if he has to destroy Dreg City to do it. With Wyatt’s time running out, another threat emerges from the shadows and a staggering betrayal shatters the fragile alliance between the Triads, vampires, and shapeshifters, turning Evy’s world upside down forever.

There aren’t many books out there that I have read that I can say the main character has been killed not once but twice, revived twice, tortured and beat and has killed over 1000 people. Evy has been one of the most prolific and active main characters in this genre I’ve had the pleasure of reading. She is just so unique as a character, so powerful, and yet she fails, and is killed repeatedly, but somehow they are always able to bring Evy back, and she is able to become stronger and more resilient with every struggle, with every confrontation she learns, grows, adapts and it’s good to see an author that isn’t afraid of killing and bringing back her characters if it makes sense for the story. It’s not that I like the fact that she gets killed, but I like the evolution of Evy how she grows with every death.

The reason I’m so drawn to the story has everything to do with the way Kelly Meding writes her stories. They are Crazy, constant movement, its Nonstop action and activity and the book is over before you even realize it, because you’ve gotten so sucked into the novel that you are in it and invested in the novel before you even remember being so interested in these characters. It’s so compelling, and so entrancing and mesmerizing that you end up so excited by what you are reading and so actively involved in it that you turn the last page. I would recommend this book to any paranormal lover.

Grade A
Review by: Helen