Anything He Wants - Sara Fawkes Title: Anything He Wants

Series: Dominated by the Billionaire part 1

Author: Sara Fawkes

Genre: Erotica

First published as a five-part e serial novel, Anything He Wants inflamed imaginations everywhere and became a national bestseller. Now available for the first time ever as a complete book, this edition contains never-before-released scenes and special bonus material. Don’t miss this erotic tale of a powerful billionaire who always gets what he wants and the young woman who’s about to enter his exclusive realm--a world of glittering opulence and all-consuming passion, where she’ll explore the darkest reaches of her own desire.

Lucy Delacourt's temp position isn't quite her dream job but it pays the bills. The highlight of her day is riding the elevator in the mornings with a handsome stranger. Tall, dark, and sexy as hell, Lucy knows he's way out of her league, but a girl can look, right?

Everything changes the day the stranger seduces her. Completely out of character, she yields without a fight, but she has no idea her wanton acts with a man whose name she doesn't know will change her life forever. Because the sexy stranger is none other than Jeremiah Hamilton, billionaire CEO of Hamilton Industries, and one taste isn't nearly enough to satisfy his need. As the billionaire pulls Lucy deeper into his world of high stakes business deals and ruthless takeovers, he demands nothing less than her complete surrender. But even as enemies seek deadly revenge against him, she’ll discover that her greatest threat is falling for her fiercely guarded boss…and yielding to her own darkest needs.

I normally don't post spoilers in my reviews, however to truly understand my thoughts and feelings on this review I can't be vague, I have to give specifics.

When I received this book as an arc to review I honestly had no clue what to expect. I hadn't read another serial book, even though this was compiled into one book, so that it read as one book.

When the book started I have to admit it felt a little far fetched to me, I mean really the opening chapter has them having sex as strangers in the elevator on the way to work. And then it happened again at the end of the day. No names exchanged, at least none that I remember.

From this beginning I didn't have very high hopes for the book. By the time they got to France however I was feeling a little better about the book, there seemed to be a solid plot going on with the introduction of Jeremiah's brother and their relationship, and the intrigue with who is trying to kill Jeremiah.

While the potential was there for this to something really good to push the story line along it became something that it should never have become.

I have a couple of real hard lines that absolutely cannot be crossed in my books, and one of those rules is that you do not and I mean DO NOT take 2 good guys who are best friends and former special forces teammates and have one betray the other one and sacrifice their love to save your own. (Yes this is the story from the rant). To me you have just pissed on a very sacred relationship. You have them work together to save them both.

In the last chapter the author does this to to Jeremiah and Ethan. She does some other things to Jeremiah while he is a Ranger that make him out to be a bad guy. If she knew anything about this kind of brotherhood, then she would know that the scenario she painted of the way that Jeremiah left the Rangers and the why of he had to leave. The way this was written completely takes away why he became a Ranger in the first place. Then she shits on that relationship yet again by having Ethan betray.

At this point I was completely done with the story, but as there was a little bit left I kept reading. And became completely pissed off by the ending as well. I barely tolerated the ending of Fifty Shades when Ana left Gideon, however that ending made sense. This one just pissed me off. I want a HEA at the end of my book, or the potential for one and with the way this book ended I honestly didn't see that happening.

There was so much potential in this book, and I have to say I kept waiting for the potential to be realized and it never was.

I can honestly say that for the first time ever in all the years I have been reviewing books I have never been so pissed off with a book. I understand that the author is writing part two of this book right now, and I have to say that IF and that is a big IF, the author corrects everything that went wrong in this book, I MIGHT read that just to see if she fixes all of her missteps with this book.

When it comes to this book, I say save your money. There are better books out there, and I hope that the author fixes her missteps from this book in the next book.

Grade F