When I See You (A Novel) - Katherine Owen Title: When I See You

Series: N/A

Author: Katherine Owen

Genre: Literature Fiction (Adult)/Romance

Blurb: She believes that love can never last, promises are usually broken, and true happiness is extremely elusive in the long run. He believes most risks are worth taking, the promises he makes can be kept, and love doesn't factor into his relationships any longer. They're both wrong.

Jordan Holloway has never fully recovered from the unexpected deaths of her famous Hollywood parents. At 27, she is still slow to trust and remains uncertain about the true duration of love and happiness. Yet, it's been four years since she fell in love with Ethan when he rocked her world even as he marched off to war leaving her alone with their young son Max. Now, Ethan tells her this will be his last tour in Afghanistan and that soon the three of them will be together. Anxious at Ethan's leaving again, Jordan extracts a promise for his safe return from Brock Wainwright, her husband's sniper partner and best friend. But can she put all her trust in Brock? Can he keep such a promise?
Brock Wainwright fully embraces the dangerous life of a Navy Seal. He enjoys the freedom in not being committed to anyone and there's been a long line of women who can attest to that. Yet, everything seems to change after Brock meets Jordan, Ethan's wife, for the first time. When the two men return to Afghanistan, Brock's intent on keeping his promise to Jordan--about keeping Ethan safe--for a variety of reasons, including the most disturbing one of all, he is more than just a little attracted to his best friend's wife. This revelation plagues Brock on the battlefield and in one violent moment changes everything.

Thoughts: First off, if you're looking for a romance filled with hearts and flowers, this book isn't it. This novel deals with multiple tragedies - but it really focuses on picking up the pieces of your life and moving on. It's easy to get caught up in the story, but at various points throughout the novel, you do find yourself frustrated at the characters. Jordan has moments where she's just completely selfish, and Brock has moments where you just want to hit him upside the head and tell him to quit feeling sorry for himself.

There are also times when it seems that the author is just coming up with one tragedy after another to just increase the length of the book. I mean, one is enough for a book, and I can even deal with two, but it just keeps on going and does become a bit much overall. But the writer does a good job with it regardless, and she makes the events believable - even though this has to be one of the most unluckiest couple ever!

Bottom line, it's not hearts and flowers - instead it's more tears. If you're looking for something to wring emotions from you, or in the mood for a good tear-jerker, this is the perfect choice.

Rate: B
Review by: Sarah