The Hunter - Monica McCarty Title: The Hunter

Series: Highland Guard series Bk 7

Author: Monica McCarty

Genre: Historical Romance

Ewen "Hunter" Lamont has spent four years putting his prized tracking skills to the test in the service of the elite Highland Guard. Curt and short-tempered, no women has ever been able to thaw his fierce warrior's demeanor...until he meets Sister Genna, a troublesome Italian nun. Alluring and impudent, she doesn't seem like any nun he's ever met--and it's true that she is much more than she appears. She's really Lady Janet of Mar, the missing twin sister of a guardsman's wife, who has been working undercover as a courier for the Scots, and Ewen finds himself charged with finding her and ensuring her safe return. Yet it soon becomes clear that the betrothed Lady Janet affects him in ways he's never felt before. When betrayal leads to danger, everything depends on the man who can find anything. Except, perhaps, what matters most of all: love.

I must applaud Monica. In the way she described their surroundings, the person's emotions, physical appearance and when she described some of the scents, it was like you could smell them off the pages. I have a vivid, active imagination what could I say? It’s lovely to watch as a stone non-emotional "hunter" turn into a big softy, once he finally realizes he found the one thing he didn't even realize he had lost. I will be honest, I am thankful not to have lived in those days. I don't think I could have been as brave, strong and controlled as Janet. It was so hard to put this book down once I had picked it up.

Grade A+
Review by: Helen