A Lick of Flame - Cathryn Fox Title: A Lick Of Flame

Series: Boys Of Beachville bk 2

Author: Cathryn Fox

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Where there's heat, there's a smoking-hot firefighter.

No man lights Madison Kelly's fire quite like Sean Adams, the firefighter she's been hired to guard during the Boys of Beachville calendar shoot. Though he stars in her hottest, steamiest fantasies, he's the last person she's going to tell. An accident left its mark on her, body and soul. But when she catches Sean looking at her like she's water for a man dying of thirst, she wonders if it's possible he might see the girl beneath the scars.

Ever since he pulled Madison from the fire that injured her, Sean's been hot for her. Too bad she clearly has no interest in him-or so he thinks, until he sees a spark in her eyes that says she burns for him as much as he does for her. No more tiptoeing around the matter-a blatant seduction is in order.

Soon they're igniting the sheets, but come morning Madison's old fears and insecurities threaten to snuff the flames to ashes. Except Sean's fuse has been lit, and he has no intention of letting her put it out. Ever.

A Lick of Flame is book two in the Boys of Beachville series but it can easily be read as a stand alone. I enjoy firefighter heroes so it was an automatic read for me. Madison is a strong, resilient woman despite tragedy that has left physical and emotional scars. Sean is a fun, down to earth guy regardless of the groupies and one night stand women that throw themselves his way. When Madison refuses Sean’s request for them to grab a drink after the photo shot, he later finds her at the local bar. Sean then decides she is not going to get away so easy from him this time and that if she’s in the mood for games, he’s in to play.

The overall plot proves to be a light, fun, sexy read with likeable characters. It was quickly evident that Madison and Sean were a great deal more than what their surface persona appeared to be and as the reader you wanted both to open up and admit their feelings and attraction for the other.

After reading the blurb about the book I thought the author might really tackle the emotional and physical scars Madison received from the fire with more depth but the story reflected more on the fact that Madison did not believe that Sean would ever be attracted to her. Also, Sean and Madison have never been friends or really even had a lengthy conversation with each other but both have a hidden attraction for the other. This is never really voiced by either one once they go from the bar to the rooftop for voyeuristic sex. It just seemed very contrary to the nature of their relationship. Once they take their relationship to the sexual level, the sex powers the rest of the story. Their relationship rockets from hidden attraction to red hot lovin.

Favorite Quote:

“It’s not that I have anything against rocking, mind you. It’s just that when my bed moves, I want to be the one moving it.”

Grade A
Review by: Helen