Bold - Mackenzie McKade Title: Bold

Series:Whispering Cove

Author: Mackenzie McKade

Genre: Contemporary Romance

She’s more spice than sugar…and he has a taste for heat.

Whispering Cove, Book 5

Tabatha Taylor has mooned over her brother’s best friend since childhood. For years she’s been chipping away at his cool façade, using the generous, all-grown-up assets God gave her to her advantage.

Finally she has a chance to work close to him on a project for the Fall Festival. Going nose to nose with him will prove her ideas have merit, even if she doesn’t have a degree. But she learns the cost to her heart could be bigger than she anticipated.

Tabby’s dark beauty definitely sets architect Reece McGrath’s pulse racing, but she’s an itch better left unscratched. The attraction that flares between them is hot and undeniable, but getting close means risking a friendship he values and a lifestyle he cherishes. Crossing that boundary isn’t worth the price he’d have to pay.

With one of the grandfathers of Whispering Cove pinpointing them in another matchmaking scheme, though, they find themselves inching closer to that line. And closer…

Product Warnings

This book gives new meaning to getting nailed. Nothing beats a man with a variety of tools at his disposal and a woman who is bold enough to take him on.

This is one of those sweet and very spicy

Tabatha has been in love with her brother’s best friend since childhood. Now that she’s all grown up now and finds herself with an opportunity to work close to him on a project for the Fall Festival. But Reece is trying his hardest to stay away from her no matter how much he wants her or that he has feelings for her too.

Bold is book 5 in the Whispering Cove series. Some of the older guys in town have a matchmaking project going on and are convinced Tabatha and Reese make a perfect match. The only problem is Tabatha’s brother obviously does not approve of any sort of hook up between Tabatha and Reece, and Reece definitely seems a little scared of her brother too. They have all been friends for many years. In fact Reece and Tabatha’s brother are best friends. Reece is successful although he does travel a lot. They are all consenting adults. Why does Tabatha’s brother care so much?

Add to that the way Reece treats Tabatha after the first time they have sex Tabatha immediately starts blaming herself.

I really like the Whispering Cove Series. Has a great mix of good ole boys, great friends and some smokin’ hot lovin.

Grade A
Review by: Helen