Thrown by a Curve - Jaci Burton Title: Thrown by a Curve

Series: Play by Play bk 5

Author: Jaci Burton

Genre: Contemporary

She thinks she knows this player—but he has a few surprise moves.
For Alicia Riley, her job as a sports therapist for the St. Louis Rivers baseball team is a home run—until she becomes the primary therapist for star pitcher, Garrett Scott. Out of the lineup with an injury, he’s short-tempered, hard to handle, and every solid inch, a man.

Right now, the only demand he’s making on Alicia is that she get him ready to pitch in time for opening day. Except the sexual chemistry between them is so charged, Alicia’s tempted to oblige Garrett just about anything. But both their careers are at stake—one bad move and it’s game over for both of them.

Garrett also feels the hot sparks between them, and the way he figures it, what better therapy is there than sex? Now all he has to do is convince the woman with the power to make the call.

Heather's Thoughts

When it comes to sports books Jaci Burton's Play by Play series is one of the best series being written today.

I really wanted to like this story, especially as I love baseball heroes. But it just didn't work for me. Don't get me wrong the writing was fantastic as always but I never connected with either one of the characters.

Garrett came across as a whiny prat. He'd hurt his shoulder and then complained when nothing was happening as far as getting back on the mound was concerned. He acted like it was everyone else's fault he couldn't throw except his own. And then when a plan is put in front of him he whined about about that.

I liked Alicia as a person, but felt she could have done better than Garrett for most of the book. She was very comfortable in her skin and with her career goals. So long as Garrett didn't muck them up.

Just when I was beginning to like Garrett he pulled a dick move and did something to hurt Alicia all for his own gain. And without saying a word to her about it.

Even the move he pulls to get Alicia back didn't make me forgive him.

I really really wanted to like this book as much as I've like the other books in the series, but I didn't. Now that being said will I read the book again, probably. Will I eventually like Garrett, probably. While this wasn't my favorite book of Jaci's, I can't say I hated. Over all it was a good book. I just didn't connect with the characters.

Helen's Thoughts

Alicia Riley is a woman who loves her job as a sports medicine Therapist and working for her hometown baseball team. She’s confident in her job and who she is what defines her. That is until she spouts off at the mouth and must help the handsome star pitcher with his recovery after a shoulder injury. She knows she can help him with her non-traditional rehab ideas, but the more time they spend together, the more they can’t deny their mutual attraction.

Garrett Scott is not used to failing at anything. He has been focused on his career path for so long that his injury messes with his head. He needs to find some way to refocus and thinks he finds just that in the no nonsense, beautiful Alicia. Only he doesn’t realize how much of a connection they have and how difficult it will be to ignore that connection while he works with her on his path to recovery.

Jaci Burton has another wonderful story on her hands here. She writes great characters that are easy to follow. Alicia and Garrett are both strong people who are proud of their careers but blend together very well. They understand one and another’s passion and drive which leads to some incredible chemistry together!

I highly recommend this series to fans of contemporary romance.

Grade B

Review by: Helen and Heather

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