Blood Flows Deep in the Empire - N. Isabelle Blanco Title: Blood Flows Deep In The Empireimages

Series: Szolite Novel

Author: N. Isabelle Blanco

Genre: Paranormal, Romance, Erotica

Book Blurb: Salicyar has a special place in his heart for Earth although he is a God. When an evil is unleashed and the war has started death and destruction is brought upon the universe. As the God of Fertility he hates what is going on and has decided to renounce his powers and become someone else. Salicyar finds out that 11000 years from now he can bring back his lover by sacrificing her twin soul. Salicyar has no problem sentencing someone to death 11,000 years in the future. Now, known as Dyletri, the time has come for the sacrifice. Ismini has known her whole life that she was to be sacrificed, she has seen it in her dreams from Nylicia, the Watcher of Destinies. What the Dyletri and Ismini don’t know is that there is more at stack then either of them bargained for.

Blood Flows Deep in the Empire is the first in a series that will pit free-will against Destiny, Destiny against Fate, and love against brutal desire. Everyone likes to think they have a choice as to who they end up with, but as they rise to face the greatest threat they’ve ever known, even the Gods will learn they have to bend to Destiny’s whim to survive.

Thoughts Bekah:

This is not only the first book in a new series, but also my first time to read this author. I will give you the Pros first, then the Cons.

Pros - The characters grow as the book progresses and you get a good sense of the personalities that drive them. Dyletri and his fellow gods are all sinfully delicious, and yet all have different quirks that become endearing. Ismini and her girlfriends are all likable and powerful in their own ways, eventually. Blanco sets the scene well for this book to flow into the next installment and love affair. As for the most important parts, the sex scenes are HOT without being redundant. You can almost reach out and touch the sexual frustration leading these two towards their imminent release.

Cons - It took me a good three to four chapters to really get into this book. The names drove me insane and there was a large amount of space used on backstory. In the beginning Ismini and her friends came off as fickle, angry, and overly emotional. I need a female lead that I can relate to, not one that I just want to duct tape to a chair.

By the middle of the book most of the cons had rectified themselves and I will say, I will be reading the second installment of this series, if for nothing else the delectable love scenes.

Grade B-

Review by: Bekah