A Howl for a Highlander - Terry Spear Title: A Howl For A Highlander

Series: Bk 10 Of The Heart Of The Wolf Series

Author: Terry Spear

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Duncan MacNeill is a Highlander at heart with a mission—find gray wolf and former stockbroker, Silverman who has stolen the family fortune and is purported to be living in the Grand Cayman Islands. As a Highland wolf, Duncan rarely leaves his native homeland and taking a trip to an island paradise doesn’t appeal. But keeping the MacNeill’s ancestral castle depends on making Silverman pay. What Duncan doesn’t plan for is the American botanist who distracts him from his mission and makes him realize what an island paradise really means.

Shelley Campbell is teaching botany at a Florida college, when she receives an email from an old girlfriend, who’s renting a villa on the island and wants her to come to stay with her. Figuring she can study the old growth forest while she's there, and lecture about it when she returns home, she has no idea the secrets she might uncover. When her girlfriend’s a no-show, a Highlander turns up instead, and she has a choice—share the villa, or send him away and pay full price for the accommodations—which on her teacher’s salary is stretching things pretty thin. Since he promises to be no trouble at all, she lets him stay. And that’s when the trouble really begins!

A Howl for a Highlander has it all - steamy love scenes, surprising twists of humor, an intriguing plot, thrilling action and characters you'd love to meet…especially the alpha wolf types in kilts. Duncan may not be the alpha of his pack but, nevertheless, he is an alpha at heart. He's a warrior, more used to swinging a sword or a fist than understanding a woman…but he quickly learns to temper his possessive overprotectiveness with an endearing tenderness when it comes to Shelley.

Shelley is independent, smart and passionate about work, family and…Duncan. She's no pushover and stands up for herself when she has to. She doesn't take careless chances though. She reasons her way through problems but when muscle is needed, she's more than willing to let the males step up and take care of it. The more the story evolves the more protective and possessive Shelley becomes over Duncan. That these two are meant for each other is apparent from the beginning even if it takes them a bit longer to come to that realization.

A Howl for a Highlander is such a great read. You don't want to miss it.

Grade A

Review by: Helen