The Other Side of Us - Sarah Mayberry Title: The Other Side Of Us

Series: Harlequin Superromance

Author: Sarah Mayberry

Genre: Romance

The best thing between Oliver Barrett and Mackenzie Williams is a fence. Ever since Oliver's new-neighbor gestures were met with unfriendly responses, he's decided to keep his distance. After all, he's in this seaside town to get his life on track again. That doesn't include working hard to get on Mackenzie's good side—no matter how intriguing she may be.

His intentions are put to the test, however, when his dog becomes infatuated with hers. The two crafty canines do their best to break down the barriers between the properties. And where the dogs go…well, the humans must follow! It doesn't take long for a powerful attraction to build between Oliver and Mackenzie. They soon discover that the worst of first impressions can lead to the best possible outcomes….

Mackenzie has good reasons to be in a bad mood too. About a year ago, while driving to a production site where she is a tv producer had a very bad accident, ending with months in rehab, Still at home recovering slowly. She is tired of it all, and wants to get back to her job. But she doesn’t yet energy to do it. Then she learns her job is going away too, which is why she slams the door on her new next door neighbor, not once but twice.

She doesn’t mean to be rude to Oliver, but with bouts of nausea and just the bad news that her job is going to be given to someone else, she really has no interest in chatting with her new neighbor. Oliver is going through a divorce, and decides to take some time off and clear out his late aunt’s house. He is a little shocked and turned off by his neighbor’s rude behavior but being neighbors, they are bound to see a lot of each other. After helping her in the middle of the night during a really bad storm, Mackenzie comes around to offer a thanks and dinner. Oliver can’t help but want to see if there is a softer side to Mackenzie. Their dogs also seem to have a love affair of their own going on.

But I found myself just a bit bored by this story. I feel like there is something missing but I honestly am not sure what it is. Maybe it was just too predictable and not enough wit and charm. It didn’t pull me in like her previous work.

Grade C

Review by: Helen