Something to Believe In - Kimberly Van Meter Title: Something To Believe In
Series: Harlequin Superromanceindex8

Author: Kimberly Van Meter

Genre: Contemporary

Lilah Bell isn't asking for much—just a normal life. A future that's different from her shadowed, traumatic past. Maybe even a chance to start over. Instead, all she gets is the suffocating attention of her overprotective sisters, who seem to be waiting for her to break again. They don't get that helping save her family's beautiful Virgin Islands resort is definitely a challenge she can handle. But what she can't handle is a serious relationship with carefree visitor Justin Cales. After all, wanting a man who isn't planning to stick around isn't smart.

Problem is, falling for Justin is too easy. And now life is more complicated than ever. When the truth unravels, they'll either be brought together in unexpected ways…or torn apart for good.

Lilah Bell is a strong heroine whose family is overprotective of her because of a traumatic event in her past, and Justin Cales is a handsome, bad-boy visitor to her Virgin Islands home where she and her family run a resort.

I enjoyed this story of a woman who faces her inner demons and difficulties, and I like Van Meter’s treatment of Justin, who begins as a kind of charming but self-centered jerk, watching his reeducation as he comes into contact with the Bells makes for a fun and believable read. Watching Lilah grow in to her own made for a novel that is a fun Harlequin tale.

Did I say it was sexy? It’s definitely sexy!

Grade B

Review by: Helen