Jake - R.C. Ryan Title: Jake

Series: A WYOMING SKY NOVEL (Book 3)

Author: R.C Ryan

Genre: Western

Wild at Heart . . .

Jake Conway is good with his hands. A veterinarian known for his gentle touch, he's also the most eligible bachelor in Wyoming. But like any wild animal, Jake longs to roam free . . . until a sultry redhead with a smile from here to heaven turns up in town.

When her estranged father dies, Meg Stanford inherits his rustic ranch-and all the painful memories that come with it. She's determined to settle the estate and face down the ghosts of her past. But a series of midnight break-ins have Meg running from the ranch-and into the arms of the sexy cowboy next door. As their passion grows hotter, the attacks grow bolder. Can Jake keep her safe, or will he lose the only woman he's ever loved?

There are some books that are so charmingly written they make you feel warm and cozy as you read them.

Jake is a sexy cowboy veterinarian whose soft touch with animals and children just made me melt. I know that sentence makes him sound like the stereotype of a perfect hero, but believe me, Jake is anything but. If he were real, I could imagine almost begrudging Meg for capturing his heart, If she weren’t so likeable herself. Jake and Meg are both strong, intelligent people who drew me into the story so completely that I couldn’t put down.

R.C. Ryan has a writing style that makes readers feel like they’re actually at there. I loved being immersed in Meg and Jake’s world and I almost felt as though I was a member of the family. The Conways are a warm, generous group of people that I thoroughly enjoyed reading about.

Grade A

Review by: Helen