Broken Elements - Mia Marshall Title: Broken Elements

Series: None

Author: Mia Marshall

Genre: Paranormal

"It's happening again, Aidan. We didn't stop it, after all." Aidan Brook has spent ten years hiding from everyone she once loved, plagued by memories of one horrible night long ago. When her former best friend and partner in crime appears on her front porch, her self-imposed exile is brought to an abrupt end. An elemental killer is once again murdering her friends, and she is forced to return to the scene of her own crimes. Lake Tahoe proves more than she bargained for. Between a sadistic killer, some clever FBI agents, an annoyingly attractive landlord, and way too many new roommates, she has a pretty full plate. Add in a past she's desperate to escape and her own dangerously uncontrollable powers, and Aidan Brook is having a very, very bad month.

This book was a surprise. I was intrigued with the twist on elementals. I have read a ton of paranormal romance, and you seem to come across the same type of character and the same type of backstory. I felt the plot and the interpretation were very original. The book starts with the relationship between two former best friends Aidan and Sera. I really enjoyed their personalities and conversational quirks. These girls quoted the blues brothers, and cursed like sailors *LOVE*. I laughed, I cried, then when Mac the hot werebear landlord comes into the picture I panted.

I would have liked to see more happen between Aidan and Mac. Throughout the story you see the sparks you feel the frustration, but I was left wanting something to come to fruition. I am hoping the author is just making the introduction and will follow up on the pair in a second book.

Now for the ending. Without giving anything away, I was actually thrown for a loop. There is always some predictability but I appreciated the surprise twists. All in all, I would definitely read another book by Mia Marshall. If you are a lover of all things paranormal, or even just good mystery, this book is for you. If you are one who needs a hot and heavy sexy scene this book will just frustrate you.

Rating A-

Review by: Bekah