Nauti Temptress - Lora Leigh Title: Nauti Temptress

Series: Nauti Girls (Book 1)

Author: Lora Leigh

Genre: Contemporary

The Mackay cousins- Natches, Rowdy and Dawg- would do anything for family, so when former federal agent Timothy Cranston drops off four sisters that Dawg never knew he had, there is no question: The cousins will protect and care for the girls and their mother, because they’re family.

Five years later, Eve Mackay, the eldest sister, has graduated from college and settled in to life as a Mackay in Pulaski County, Kentucky. She workd hard as a cocktail waitress and helps out at the bed-and breakfast that Dawg bought for her mother. If she keeps herself busy enough, maybe she’ll be able to stay away from the man she promised Dawg she wouldn’t date, the man who has awakened her most ravenous fantasies……

He’s Brogan Campbell, a biker rumored to be a traitor and a thief. But he’s just playing a part; he came to Kentucky for a mission that no one, except Cranston, is supposed to know about. Eve is the key to the whole operation, and his orders are to get her participation. But his need for Eve has nothing to do with stolen secrets and the safety of the country.

When Dawg took in Eve and her sisters, he warned them that if they ever lied, cheated, or betrayed the family, they risked losing everything. But desire and danger are locked in an inescapable embrace, and Eve has to make her choice between family or Brogan, for better or worse.
Nauti Temptress is the first in a new series by Lora Leigh involving some of my favorite Boys the Nauti boys? I’m all in! The Nauti series are all alpha males with lots of attitude, dominance, confidence and guns on occasion. I was so excited about this series because I thought we would be reading about their daughters. Yeah that’s not the case. Don’t ask me why I thought that.

The good thing about not reading about the daughter of my favorite Nauti boys is that they are still young, well young enough to still be around and still kicking ass. My favorite part of this book was the fact that all the boys are present in this story, especially Dawg. See, as it turns out Dawg’s father had a whole other family going , and if there’s one thing you know about the Nauti boys it’s you don’t turn your back on family. So Dawg now finds himself responsible for his half-sisters and their mother.

Eve being the oldest works well wherever her cousins and brother need her. Currently it’s as a bartender as well as helping their mother run the B&B that Dawg gave for her. In both places all she sees is Brogan Campbell. He’s a bad boy, has been around for some time but rumor has it he’s not just a thief but a traitor as well. Dawg doesn’t want his sister anywhere near him but Brogan has other plans. He needs Eve so that he can get the help of the Mackay boys to solve the case he’s been working on.

A great storyline that’s very similar to Dawg’s book. But one thing is for sure… Lora Leigh knows how to turn up the heat. Brogan is almost primal, a great dirty talker and knows exactly what Eve needs.

Grade A

Review By: Helen

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