Currant Creek Valley - RaeAnne Thayne Title: Currant Creek Valley

Series: Hope’s Crossing book 4

Author: RaeAnne Thayne

Genre: Romance

If you build it, love will come…to Hope’s Crossing.

Alexandra McKnight prefers a life of long workdays and short-term relationships, and she’s found it in Hope’s Crossing. A sous chef at the local ski resort, she’s just been offered her dream job at an exclusive new restaurant being built in town. But when it comes to designing the kitchen, Alex finds herself getting up close and personal with construction foreman Sam Delgado….

At first glance, Sam seems perfect for Alex. He’s big, tough, gorgeous-and only in town for a few weeks. But when Sam suddenly moves into a house down the road, Alex suspects that the devoted single father of a six-year-old boy wants more from her than she’s willing to give. Now it’s up to Sam to help Alex see that, no matter what happened in her past, together they can build something more meaningful in Hope’s Crossing.

RaeAnne Thayne has created a community of characters that draw you in and welcome you and make you feel like you are part of Hope’s Crossing.

We’ve seen glimpses of Alex since the first book in the series (she is best friends with Claire and sister to Riley, bk 1 Blackberry Summer) and we know that she is caring and compassionate but not looking for love or a relationship. You suspect her desire to remain unattached is due to the pain of her father’s desertion but there are deeper things at play for Alex. The reasons unfold as Sam pushes her to open up to him and the possibility of love. Sam is someone looking to make a home for his son and just happens to fall in love at the same time.

“I love you, Alexandra. Nothing you’ve told me tonight changes that. I love you in spite of all the reasons you think I shouldn’t. In part, maybe, because of the those reasons. You’re the person you are today because of everything that has happened to you.” WOW! What woman could resist him? Throw in an adorable 6 year old who’s as charming as his father and love is bound to win!

There’s a whole cast of friends and family running around in this book and the whole series for that matter. Mothers and fathers finding love, siblings and friends having babies, loved ones passing on and hearts healing from those losses. I was anxious to see how Sam and Alex’s story played out but I never want one of Ms. Thayne’s books to end - because I feel like I am a part of Hope’s Crossing when I read her books!! I highly suggest this whole series and cannot wait to read what story will come next!

Grade: A

Review By: Jeananna

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