The Cursed - Alyssa Day Title: Cursed

Series: League of the Black Swan bk 1

Author: Alyssa Day

Genre: Paranormal

Bordertown private investigator Luke Oliver’s beat is the dimensional fold in Manhattan between the human and supernatural realms. But now a secret from his past—the League of the Black Swan—has surfaced. Because Luke isn’t any ordinary P.I. He’s the Dark Wizard of Bordertown, and he never backs down from a fight.

But this time the fight threatens his life and his heart. Rio Jones, the only woman he loved, needs his help against a deadly menace. Luke pushed her away once before, so she’d never fall prey to the curse that threatens to destroy him. He swore he’d never let her go again.

Luke and Rio, with the help of the newly reformed League, must keep evil forces from taking over Bordertown—all the while battling a passion on the razor’s edge between danger and desire. And going to take everything they have just to stay alive.

When Alyssa finished her Warriors of Poseidon Series I was both happy and sad. So when I saw she had a new series I knew I had to read it.

I’m always a little leary when one of my favorite authors starts a new series especially when I loved the previous series so much. Especially when the world is so different. In Cursed I shouldn’t have worried.

When it comes to world building I’m really picky as I need to believe that this world the author has created is real. The world Day has created for this series is one I haven’t seen before and is so fresh that when I was done reading I wanted more of this world. The way she has the Fae, Demon and Human worlds converging is believable I almost believed it really did exist.

When Luke is asked to protect Rio and bring her to the League he knows something is up, and that the life he’s lived is over, because Rio affects him in ways he doesn’t want to be affected.

When Rio is suddenly without a job and an apartment there is only one person who can help her, the one person she swore would never hurt her again Luke.

Watching these two come together to battle against everyone who is hunting Rio was a lot of fun. From Luke’s reaction to grendel poisoning (and can I tell you how much I loved there were grendel’s in this story) to a troll who Luke now owes a favor and all of the other odd characters who claim Rio and Luke as friends.

The twists and turns that are thrown at Rio are some of the best ones I’ve read, and Luke is right there beside her.

This is one of those books that will keep you glued to the page and then immediately starting it over again when you’re done, and stalking Alyssa for the next installment in the series. Yes it’s that good.

Grade A+

Review By: Heather

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