Ours to Love - Shayla Black Title: Ours to Love

Series: Wicked Lovers bk 7

Author: Shayla Black

Genre: Erotic Romance

Between two brothers…

Xander Santiago spent years living it up as a billionaire playboy. Never given a chance to lead his family business in the boardroom, he became a Master in the bedroom instead. His older brother inherited the company and worked tirelessly to make it an empire. But while the cutthroat corporate espionage took its toll on Javier, nothing was as devastating as the seemingly senseless murder of his wife. It propelled him into a year of punishing rage and guilt…until Xander came to his rescue.

Comes an irresistible woman…

Eager to rejuvenate Javier’s life, Xander shanghais him to Louisiana where they meet the beautiful London McLane. After surviving a decade of tragedy and struggle, London is determined to make a fresh start—and these sexy billionaire brothers are more than willing to help. In every way. And London is stunned to find herself open to every heated suggestion…and desperately hoping that her love will heal them.

And inescapable danger…

But a killer with a hidden motive is watching, on a single-minded mission to destroy everything the Santiago brothers hold dear, especially London. And as fear and desire collide, every passionate beat of her heart could be her last.

Shayla Black is one of those authors who can and will suck you into a story and make you cheer for the couple to have their HEA.

I have to admit I wasn’t overly excited to read this book. While I don’t mind menage’s I’m not a fan of the two men in he menage being brothers. It’s a major ick factor for me, and usually a deal breaker for me when I read it. However as I got sucked into this book it bothered me less and less.

In the previous books I’ve always liked Xander and how he would do anything for his friends, so when he goes to help his brother who is in a downward spiral and blames him for what happened to his wife. It doesn’t matter how many times his brother tells him to fuck off and leave him alone he can’t. He’s his brother and even if Javier doesn’t love him, he loves Javier.

Javier is one hot mess. His wife was murdered, a fact he blames Xander for, his company is struggling, and he’s become an alcoholic. He resents Xander and wants him no where near him or the company that is both of their legacies.

London is like a butterfly breaking out of her cocoon. She’s finally starting to live her life after a tragic accident when she was a teenager. When she encounters Xander he sparks something in her, something she’s never felt before. On the heels of experiencing Xander she meets Javier and he makes her feel something completely different.

I honestly wasn’t sure how this was going to work. London wants both brothers and both brothers want her, however they want her on their own. But work it does. There are a lot of intense emotions from Xander and Javier regarding each other, and my heart hurt for Xander because he was positive London would enjoy the experience of being with but chose Javier in the long run, once again leaving him out in the cold.

As I read the book I realized for these two brothers to have any kind of a relationship it was going to have be this kind, they needed a woman like London to help them bridge their relationship and repair the damage that was done when they were kids.

I have to admit however I never made a connection with Javier. For me it was all about Xander and London. I don’t know if it was because I’ve gotten to know him throughout the other books or I just liked him better. He was a man who cared about his brother enough he was willing to do anything to save him.

I didn’t like Javier at all throughout most of the book. He never thanks Xander for saving him and the company. He never acknowledges anything that Xander does for him, in fact he wants him to get the hell out of his life. It isn’t until he realizes London wants both of them that he lets him into his life.

Over all the book is a compelling read, and an excellent addition to the series.

Grade B+

Review By: Heather

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