Shifting Selves - Mia Marshall Title: Shifting Selves

Series: Elements Book 2

Author: Mia Marshall

Genre: Paranormal

Aidan Brook’s world was shattered when the actions of a brutal murderer revealed long-buried secrets about her past–secrets even she didn’t know. A powerful elemental, Aidan discovered she possesses the wrong kind of magic. It’s a secret that could cost her sanity—or even her life.

What she needs is some peace and quiet. What she gets is a phone call from a division of the FBI so secret it doesn’t even have a name, asking for her help with a series of shifter disappearances.

Before Aidan can settle into a new routine of pancakes and evenings by the fire, the case develops claws. She quickly finds herself caught between uptight bears, deadly mountain lions, overprotective parents, and unhappy federal agents. Throw in a stalled romance with an enigmatic shifter and the slow dissolution of her chosen family, and it’s hard to say which will drive her mad first: her magic, or her chaotic life.

This is book two in the elements series and picks up directly after where book one left off. In book one Aidan discovers she posses two elemental powers instead of just the one. In this book she is learning to cope with that knowledge and additional power without losing it. You see significant changes in her attitude, but her personality and outlook stay the same. Thank heavens for that because Aidan is hysterical! Her Best friend and cohort in fighting elemental crime, Sera is equally amusing. I love the witty exchanges and smattering of late 80′s culture references.

Her group, however; seems to be breaking apart. The resident hacker and technophile, Vivian, has a close brush with death and is feeling the need for calmer waters. The were kitty and resident snoop, Simon, is trying to discover who he is. Mac her love interest, landlord, and all around hottie, seems to keeping his distance.

In book one Mac and Adian finally appear on their way to a hot and heavy romance, but in the start of book two Mac seems more aloof than ever. When Sera and Aidan are inducted into an FBI case involving Mac’s family, the two have no choice but to talk it out. The plot, the characters, and the story of this book are all amazing. The only downfall for me is the lack of nookie for Adian and Mac.

No I don’t need pages of erotica, but I would love to see all the frustration and angst lead somewhere. The two are perfect for each other yet seem to both be slow to confront any issues between them. This book is a B+ solely based on my need to see them connect. I am more than ready for the third installment!

Review By: Bekah

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