Dark Wolf - Kate Douglas I was familiar with the works of Kate Douglas before picking up this book, as I had read some of her Wolf Tales series years ago, prior to this review. And in the case of Douglas, I have to admit that it was a good thing. I don't advise most people to read her books, unless they are fully prepared for what exactly they are getting into. To call this book an erotic read, is understating it a bit. While I typically read both paranormal and erotic books, when I first picked up one her books years ago, even I was shocked! For me her books were not only erotic, but many scenes were downright crude. It's also not unusual for the characters to sleep with different partners, as well as within groups. The warning on the back of her books seemed a little understated to me. As a reader of these types of books on a somewhat regular basis, I have never read one quite like hers - before or since. Don't get me wrong, she is an excellent writer, and she spins a good tale, but her books are not for everyone. If those sorts of things are a turn off for you, you really don't want to read her books. For those of you who have no problems with that, you may find your ideal author in Douglas!

With that said. I found Dark Wolf a little bit toned down from the Wolf Tales series - not much, but a little. Lily is a strong female werewolf who is comfortable in her own skin. She is strong, smart, sexy, and everything you could expect out of a alpha female character. Sebastian comes into the book a little hard to read, but get more insight to the character the further along we get in the book. By the end, you can really connect with his character. But his father casts a major shadow over them both, as well as their relationship. For me, Sebastian's quick about face attitude towards his father was a bit hard to swallow. He hunted down his biological father against his mother's wishes, and is in fact very subservient in his attitude towards him. "Yes, Father" this, and "No, Father" that. Almost brainwashed in favor of his father. Yet, he did an almost complete 180 in his attitude in a very short amount of time. It would have been a bit more believable for me if it took a little longer for him to come around. The storyline was slightly predictable, in that you knew after the first few chapters who the "bad guy" was. But the way Douglas writes it and brings the story together, it really doesn't detract from the story overall. All in all, another great read for Kate Douglas fans or fans of the really spicy erotic genre! If you are new to her style of writing - proceed with caution!

Rate: B