Nothing But Trouble - Trish Jensen Title: Nothing But Trouble

Series: N/A

Author: Trish Jensen

Genre: Romance

Blurb: He’s gorgeous, rich, sexy, super nice, and head-over-heels for her. So what’s the problem?
Her psychic best friend predicts that Laura Tanner is due to meet a prince—the man of her dreams. Not a likely scenario for a hard-working bar owner who’s better at karate-chopping rowdy patrons than hobnobbing with the silver-spoon crowd. When Ivy League lawyer Brandon Prince (a prince!) strolls into her bar, Laura admits he’s hard to resist. Brandon quickly realizes that this lovely, funny, take-no-prisoners woman is the special someone he’s always wanted.
Brandon is an expert at wooing women, and even a tough cookie like Laura can’t help but fall under his spell. Before she knows what’s happening, he’s lured her on a romantic adventure filled with laughter and desire. Dazzled, she begins to believe that she really can have this prince of a man as her own.
One problem: Brandon’s powerful mother is used to women chasing his family fortune, and she’ll do whatever it takes to keep yet another money-grubbing female out of his life. If a man is everything you’ve ever wanted, how can he also be nothing but trouble?

Thoughts: Laura Tanner is a spunky bartender who is not impressed with men in general. So it's totally surprising when she finds herself being...well, the confident man sitting in her bar. And when he rises to the challenge, what's a girl to do?

Brandon is not a prince in the traditional sense of the word. His last name is Prince, and he does have a lot of money, but he is not of the royal persuasion! But he is fascinated by the woman who managed to single handedly remove two unruly men from her bar, and vows to get to know her better. Pulling out all the stops, he brings in an Elvis impersonator playing pool and reduces himself to drawing doodles on balloons to win her over! But will he let her insecurities and his family separate them forever?

This book was one you don't want to put down - I read it from beginning to end in one sitting! Both characters were so engaging and funny that you couldn't help falling in love with them as characters. While I expected to read something along the lines of a Harlequin romance (even the cover was reminiscent of one of the old Silhouette SuperRomance covers), I was really surprised at how quickly it managed to gain your attention and keep it. While it does follow along with those classic tales of romance - and there is certainly nothing wrong with that! - it was immensely enjoyable to read such a well-done, charming tale. While it may be somewhat predictable, between Laura's quirky personality and Brandon's determination and charm, you won't find this a boring read! Loved it!

Rate: B+

Review By: Sarah

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